My grandson loves trains. What’s a good way to support his love?

This could be fun…

  • Gifts with a train theme (storybooks, toy trains, model trains)
  • Trips to train museums
  • Learn about how trains impacted history in the various countries of the world
  • Build a train in Grandpa’s basement together
  • Depending upon his age, take a ride on a real working train, start with a day trip and work up to a real trip lasting several days
  • Find someone who worked on the railroad, enjoy his stories together
  • Play trains like you’re a kid again…total and utter abandon!

See if there is a phone number for a rail transportation company, call and ask if they give tours.

If there is train activity in your county there should be a depot somewhere near buy. Pretty sure most rail transportation companies would be happy to lay some train PR on you and your family. If that does not work out email me I have relatives who worked or do work in train the train biz. I will get you hooked up some how.


If you got the space at your home. Have the both of you build a setting to run model size trains. Complete with landscape. figures. buildings. etc…. You will have to do some research. Since there are different sizes of model trains. Each size of train only fits a certain size of track for the width.

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