What concerns you the most about raising kids in today’s world?

Kids are not being allowed to grow in the best way possible. There is too much (well-intentioned) interference from parents. The result of this is that kids grow into adults who are not self-reliant, self-assured, considerate of others, empathic, able to make decisions, resilient, decisive, socially aware, outward-looking, able to think for themselves.

Any or all of these.

We are no longer teaching our kids. We are controlling them.

A child is like a rosebud on a bush. The bud knows how to become a rose. We can stroke the bud, talk to it, pull the petals. Do whatever we like. Our direct action on the rosebud will have no effect, or may do harm.

What we can do, and must do, is provide the best conditions for our bud to bloom. We water. We nurture. We provide nutrients. We create a safe environment. We protect it from the elements and external forces that would harm it.

And let the rosebud do its thing.

Khalil Gibran said it 95 years ago. “Your children are not your children”. Only 172 words. Read it. It is the guiding principle of my parenting.

There are three things a child needs to know that enable her or him to develop the emotional intelligence required to be a well-functioning adult.

  1. They are loved.
  2. They are worthy.
  3. They are enough.

Promoting these certainties in our children is an active and deliberate process. It is our obligation the encourage them to have their boundaries respected and to respect the boundaries of others, to allow to feel and express their emotions, and the provide for their needs.

When we do this, we will ensure that our children become happy and healthy adults who will raise their own children the same way. Furthermore, the harmony, happiness and success seen by others will inspire and motivate them. More families will adopt the strategy. Working together, our children will form a vibrant, functioning, effective community.

There are many global issues our children will have to face. Climate change, pollution, over-population, health, terrorism. You know them all. If we don’t raise our children with the skills and emotional maturity to address them, then we are doubly guilty.

First, because we have bequeathed this future to them.

Second, because we have not given the the resources to solve them.


They tend not to give their children boundaries. This leaves them with the impression that they can get away with anything- outside the home they can’t.

They mollycoddle children. Making life easy is one of the biggest mistakes. It leaves children them thinking the world owes them a living. It doesn’t.

They give their children all they want. Children grow too used to having their desires satisfied. ‘Special me’ attitude ruins their chances of happiness.

They ‘protect’ the children from normal adventures so self confidence is limited.

They protect their children from others in their lives, teachers seem to be a target. It gives the children the idea that everything can be solved in life. It can’t – life is a challenge.

I’ve seen an incredible lack of politeness. Common courtesy seems as if it is being phased out. Consideration for others is a rarity. With no one participating, there are no role models. I blame men, and women. When I drive someplace, people are driving up beside me fast, to make sure I see them flipping me off. “Yeah, I see ya, jerk!” Then I blast the horn. For gosh sakes, where does it end? There are more women hospitalized every year, than you could believe. The statistics are staggering. They’re admitted with a broken middle finger, because they flipped off their husband or boyfriend. If anyone ever broke any part of my body, not only would I send them packing, they’d be packing for a stint in the clink. Somehow, I’m trying to instill in my boys, my son, Aaron, and his son, my grandson, Bennie, (pictured) the reality that the way the world used to be, in this regard, is better. If I can raise them the way I hope, I’ll have done my part. So far, so good.

Helicopter parenting. Parents do not allow their kids to experience anything or suffer the consequences for their own actions, which results in them not being able to function as adults. Parents need to step back and let their kids grow up.

My biggest concern is AI and automation. Or to be precise a very bad people / corporation with a malicious AI and automation.

Company like Apple and facebook is milking our habit and psychological profie through their app like Facebook, Whatsapp and instagram. Their goal is too make as much profit as possible from other less scruptulous people.

I am afraid that my kid wont be able to cope with such change and end up in subsistance living, working long meaningless hour for non living wage.

The heavy exposure to electronic screens and video games. Oh, and there is a nuclear bomb threat from North Korea.

We all surpass incredible odds at conception.,We are the 1 in a million or so. There are all kinds of threats to us on every forefront. It’s the essence of the human condition. There never is a perfect time to be a child.

For me not much actually. Every generation brings change and older person will say was different back in the day. The pace of change in today’s technological environment means that we will now leap forward alotvfater and people will need to change and adapt faster.

So the biggest challenge is can children adapt at a faster rate also. It’s a mad mad world out there now and we are now seeing changes inbworking and lifestyles so make sure kids can adapt and fast

The possibility of them being trapped by a psychopath. That disorder is very vast in society, VERY!

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